Every words that we wrote, every feelings that we
breathed, every moments that we shared, the pencil
that we used to write and draw, every youths that
we hid, every forgiveness that we forgave, every wish
that we wished, the big silence that we lived, the big
heart that we used and the heart that we shared
about friendship and happiness, Did we ever mentioned
why we deserved life in 1 year , 12 months and 365 days..
We are humans , we are not the best,
God gave us the power to live and to hold,
we are unique, we are sometimes wrong, but we are
bighearted inside, we did our best to accomplish every tasks that we’ve done it.
Resistance and Ability are the essentials in Life
This is your life, you’re in control, you gotta do what feels
like in your heart, about the ideas you never created
the books that you never wrote, the words that you never spoke…
You don’t gotta get to be started , but you gotta be started to be great:)



I think this is the end, wherever i go , wherever i breath, i smell lies inside my noise and i’m sick of it, i know it might be weird for you, but for me it’s vacillated, sometimes you might laugh at me what this guy is talking about, sometimes you want to cry and go away, that moment you feel that is your conscience controlling you, and nobody can hold you. You know that nobody can be like others, trust me because in life there is a big mistake that is jealousy , by jealousy you cannot create your own world or controlling it. I’m aware of people who hurts me a lot in life, i’m offended those who deserved and i’m not going to take it anymore, im tired of pretending as a bad person, One day i will change and i don’t care how far i will go , i will let all my tears on the ground and i will stay present and continue perfidiously way a good life , a nice smile .


{ Neophyte Courtier }


I’m gonna write this text to fullfill my thoughts for everyone who reads this article , and i’m sorry because i’m not a best writer but my dream is to become a good
writer, inveterated and be Ebullient around all people, it’s just when you need something inside of you, you just need to threw them out and sharing with people and
venerate with best regards by passing the egregious things in life happen. People’s intransigent ways attires you even more badly egregious ways to live inside you
and know you for who are , not for who you want to be. In every royal, there is a must and trust for venerate people’s regard. Like every person regards their best
friends, and to see how respectful you are as a charming prince around all people and they love you just for who you are and what your heart deserves to do .
It’s so hard to vacillate and inveterate people’s charms and thoughts but it’s so vast that vexes you as a latent ruse. Every prince has a sword like every person
has his pen and ready to open a new page , and also the prince who fight the bad people. Princess has a beauty like every person has a beauty inside like a princess.
You only feeling it by your side and not the other’s side , it’s just creating others doesn’t mean inuring to be your’s , it’s the opposite to let him free and decide
what to do with the key of success. I might be Antipathy to every person who doesn’t respect but it doesn’t mean i never liked him, sometimes you need to love your
enemies because once they were a good people , and even maybe they were nicer than me and i can’t find it or resolve it by feelings because it’s a personnal thoughts.
It’s just when you need a pen, you get everything around you and you breake the pen and leave it for nothing. People’s demure it’s unforgettable to vexe you inside.
The Story is about Neophyte Courtier, says: { Wherever you go and you walk, you will see a short light and get through it, and than something miracle could happen }.